Our Philosophy

We believe in good work. We believe in work that breaks through the clutter and speaks to people on a personal level. We believe in work that moves people to action. Our work is a result of digging deep, gathering everything we can, letting go of what we don’t need, and then building a simple message that changes everything. We are driven by our passion to do the best work we can to make a difference for our clients. This is what keeps us thinking, listening, learning, challenging, trying new things, working late, and drinking solid quantities of coffee. It’s not rocket science, though it often feels like it.

Why the strange name?

"360 Uncoated" is a lime green color in the Pantone Matching System (PMS). The PMS color book is the bible used between designers and printers to execute exactness. In its literal sense, our name symbolizes perfect communication. In its looser sense, it represents that we are a full service agency (360) and our work is clean, organized and strong enough to stand on its own (uncoated).